4 November 2015(update)
 As you know I enrolled my daughter Ellie  in your program at the start of year one as she was struggling to read and keep up in class we were always very thankful for Read Easy program and how wonderfully she progressed.

 What I didn't realise until we received her NAPLAN results was actually how far she has come. Ellie scored at the top of band 6 way above average for both her school and year average.

 This has only confirmed what  a great program you have in place along with Ellie's dedication to achieve these results.

If Ros is still with you please also pass on our thanks, dedication and patience she did have with Ellie we couldn't be more proud of her achievements actually I would of been very happy with average.

Thank you and all the best

12 August 2015
We knew our son was bright, but he wasn't clicking with his reading or writing at school and was getting behind. Just one semester at ReadEasy, once a week, gave him the tools and confidence he needed. In a matter of months, he has excelled and caught up with his peers. He loves to read now! He digs into our nightly reading books with ease, goes outside and reads tee shirts, posters and product labels. He manages his way through words he just shouldn't know yet! And now his writing has picked up immensely as well, all part of being confident and enjoying the experience. We are so proud of him and so thankful to Pauline and her amazing staff. It is truly the best tuition we have ever spent, and can't recommend ReadEasy enough! 

 Matt and Katherine, Castle Hill


  1. My daughter's literacy has improved dramatically with the reading skills she acquired at Read Easy. As both a parent and a teacher I have been very impressed with the quality of the instruction and genuine interest Pauline and her staff take in each student. The phonics-based approach complements and fills in the gaps of the school curriculum, providing a very strong foundation for independent and ongoing development in literacy. A highly recommended addition to the early years of your child's education.

  2. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Pauline and Ros, at the Read Easy program without your help and the program I am sure my daughter would still be a struggling student in the classroom.
    This program has not only improve her reading and comprehension but has given her the confidence to be able to progress her reading and to sound out new words.
    When we first started your classes she was having difficulty with her reading and learning new sight words. After 6 months of attending the program we could see such a difference and at her end of year presentation awards, she was awarded the "Most Improved Student " for her class. With my daughter's hard work and your dedication in the classroom we have seen such a remarkable difference and are very thankful for your program.
    I would definitely recommend this program to friends and parents for children of all ages. We are so happy with our success of our eldest daughter we didn't think twice about enrolling our younger daughter in your pre-school program.
    Kind regards

  3. My four children attend lessons at "Read Easy", taught by Pauline and her team. I started sending my children to be taught by Pauline about 3 years ago and have seen a tremendous improvement in their reading and writing skills. The lessons have given them confidence with the English subject. I highly recommend Pauline and her team. Regards Irene

  4. Belinda.York-Atkins14 March 2017 at 16:54

    2 years ago, my daughter was at the start of year 2 and had been left behind... she was frustrated, cried and was confused. With the amazing dedication of Pauline and Ros, she slowly began to gain confidence and in a short period of time started to catch up with her peers in class... to the point where she is now above average and loves to read and create stories. We continue with the lessons to give her the confidence and support in each stage of her learning.. plus she loves it.

    So when it came to our youngest starting school and we noticed within 6 months she too was being left behind we had no hesitation in booking her into read easy with Ros and Pauline... whilst she is still behind the rest of the class we are beginning to see the confidence build and improvements in sounding and blending words. We would have been lost without Pauline and Ros.

  5. As English is not our first language, we were having difficulties in teaching sounds and pronunciation to our sons. We were so clueless as to what to do. We tried to find a solution through google, but it didn’t help much. Pauline and her staff are heaven sent. Back in 2012, she worked with our first son from the age of 4.5 years old. Pauline is very professional and she would go far to tailor a solution and work together for the best interest of the child.

    Just last year (2016), our second son James did not have much exposure to English at home and only goes to preschool twice a week for a short day. And he got confused with the exposure of two other languages spoken at home. We tried to help him by sending him to a speech therapist. It helped at the beginning but after a while, he lost interest in it. Then I remembered how Pauline had helped our first child, so I got her to assess my second son. She used a methodological approach to eliminate other possible causes of speech delay on which I followed through with other professionals. She introduced us to Ros, another teacher at the Centre. Both Pauline and Ros are fantastic. After a few sessions with Pauline and Ros, I could see a significant improvement in James’ speech and pronunciation. The way Pauline and Ros teach James is very interesting and effective, but the main thing is that James enjoys every session with them. I am very happy with James’ progress so far. I highly recommended Pauline and Ros’ systematic teaching approach to give the best help available to the children.

  6. Patricia - my daughter Zoe started year 2 this year and was behind with her reading and spelling. She was becoming very frustrated with her reading each night.
    After attending Mrs Pauline & Mrs Elsa classes for a school term only, her reading level went up and up, her spelling improved dramatically and most importantly she started enjoying reading. Thank you so much Read Easy for your magical wand!!!