New South Wales:

Pauline Frewen


Pauline is a qualified, experienced NSW Primary School teacher specialising in Literacy teaching.

She has been the Centre manager and teacher for six years. Her field of expertise is in the teaching of literacy to students of all abilities.

Pauline is passionate about teaching students to read and write in an encouraging and positive environment. She believes each student will achieve progress at their own pace and develop a confidence in their own ability to learn.

Pauline promotes and encourages working in cooperation with parents as she believes this plays a vital role in a student's progress.

Rosamond Nasiry 


Rosamond is a qualified, experienced primary school teacher with special experience teaching students with literary difficulties. She has completed additional training and education in the area of Literacy.

She is an enthusiastic and organised teacher who enjoys promoting literary excellence and a love of learning.
Her musical and creative skills enhance her classes making them fun and exciting.

Rosamond is an excellent teacher and communicator capable of
motivating students in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.


 Rachel Griffith


Rachel is qualified in the "Read Easy Pre-Reading Program" and
has worked as a Teacher's Aide at a private boys Primary School
assisting children to read in the Kindergarten and Transition
With qualifications and experience in Childcare education, she holds
a Certificate 3 in Children's Services and her teaching focuses primarily on the "Read Easy Pre-Reading Program" for 3.5 years
to 5 years of age.
Rachel is passionate about teaching children to read and thrives
on their success to do so independently. She believes that children must be supported and encouraged to learn to the best of their abilities. That all children should have the time and patience devoted
to their learning, in a safe, fun, positive and welcoming environment.